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Frustrating Apex Legends bug is causing Mirage’s decoys to disappear

Published: 22/Apr/2020 11:41

by Daniel Cleary


An unusual bug that causes Mirage’s decoys to disappear when dropping into the map has been leaving many Apex Legends players frustrated.

The Holographic Trickster has been a niche pick for players since the launch of Apex Legends and has struggled to remain in the meta over some of the other Legends, such as Pathfinder or Wraith.

Although it was revealed that Respawn has scheduled some major upgrades for Mirage, another bug has recently been found with the character that gives players even less of a chance to outplay their opponents.

Respawn Entertainment
A bug with Mirage’s decoy abilities has been leaving Apex Legends players frustrated.

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A glitch has been found which affects Mirage’s ‘Psyche Out’ tactical ability which can spawn clones of the character that can be used to confuse players in a gunfight.


The unique character’s kit has many uses for his clones and Mirage mains can also activate the decoys when dropping into the map, to potentially mask their landing spot against any nearby enemies.

However, players have found a frustrating bug that prevents Mirage’s decoys from spawning or simply vanishing while mid-air and have now called on Respawn to issue a fix.

Mirage’s decoys during drop are not always working…. from apexlegends

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“I’ve had it happen multiple times now where I am unable to use decoys while dropping from the drop shi,.” u/KID_a26 explained, revealing that the clones would spawn late or sometimes not appear at all.


Many players responded in agreement, pointing out instances where it had also happened to them in-game and called for the feature to be more consistent.

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Although the clones are unlikely to change the course of a game, it can allow players an extra few seconds in certain instances – particularly when dropping in – to prepare for a fight.

Mirage is due to receive some major buffs in a future patch, however, fans will have to wait a little longer to see what exactly the Apex Legends devs have planned for the Holographic Trickster.