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Apex Legends

Dr Disrespect enraged after bug completely breaks his gun in Apex Legends

Published: 23/Jul/2019 13:16

by Connor Bennett


Star Apex Legends glitch that prompted him to be gunless during an intense gunfight. 

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Whether he’s snapping necks or running over opponents in-game, thousands of viewers always tune into Dr Disrespect’s stream on a daily basis to see what he’s getting up to.

More often than not, the streamer can be found playing through matches of Apex Legends or PUBG without many problems but sometimes he does run into strange issues – leaving viewers with a confusing, yet, hilarious highlight clip. 

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G FUELThe Doc has racked up over three million followers on Twitch.

During his July 22 stream, the popular internet personality took his trademark violence, speed, and momentum into Apex Legends’ ranked mode in the hopes of reaching that all-important Apex Predator level. As you might expect, the Two-Time picked up a couple of wins but while he was on his way to another, he ran into some issues.


Fighting around The Cage area, with the zone closing in, he popped Octane’s Stim ability to give himself a boost. However, he was also trying to reload, prompting a glitch to rear its head and leave the streamer without a weapon. He was, of course, absolutely puzzled by what happened. 

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Thankfully he wasn’t a million miles away from safety and managed to crawl back within the zone before being given a helping hand from one of his teammates.

Yet, he still couldn’t believe what had unfolded. “I went through my full clip,” Dr Disrespect started, before stumbling over his words. “What happened to my re[load] like, did he just like put the weapon in his pants or something?”


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Neither he or his chat had any idea about what had happened, but it didn’t seem to matter all that much as the streamer and teammates stole away another victory.

Despite that, it became clear the Doc had run into a long-standing issue with Octane as using the stim ability while reloading will prompt the Legend to appear without a weapon. It stems back as far as April, when Reddit user justkhwf picked up on it. 

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Respawn has clearly worked hard to eliminate bugs from their popular title but not everything can be removed for one reason or another.


It remains to be seen if the long-standing issue can be fixed or if the Dr Disrespect will be left speechless by the same problem in the future.