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Cryptic spray-painted signs appear in latest Apex Legends Season 6 teaser

Published: 5/Aug/2020 21:13 Updated: 5/Aug/2020 21:25

by Bill Cooney


Mysterious new spray-painted messages have started to pop up in Apex Legends, and all signs (literally) point to them being teasers for Season 6 the next new character – Rampart.

The name ‘Rampart’ was first mentioned in the very first leaks for Apex Legends, all the way back in February 2019. However, it was unclear what the character looked like or what their abilities would be.

Since then, many more leaks and information have come out about this shadowy legend from dataminers, who claimed back in July that spray-painted teasers reading ‘All Hail Sheila’, believed to be Rampart’s first name, would be appearing on the map before Season 6.


It seems that their predictions were correct, as Apex leaker Biast12 has now shared videos of spray-painted signs praising ‘Sheila’ found around the Drill Site on World’s Edge.

The first sign tweeted by Biast does indeed read ‘All Hail Sheila,’ further reinforcing the theory that this will be the Legend’s real name, and ‘Rampart’ is just a stand-in, a codename of sorts.

That name isn’t the only thing sprayed on the Drill Site signs though; there are also ones with ‘SHOP’ painted in green along with an ‘R’ symbol that’s become associated with Rampart from various leaks in the past.


Nothing is set in stone at the time of writing, but all of these clues put together definitely make a strong case for Sheila/Rampart being the next new legend to arrive in Apex Legends for Season 6.

There’s also the matter of the spray paint itself; numerous leaks have pointed to Respawn adding in a feature that’ll allow players to spray pre-set decals on the map, similar to other games that have that sort of mechanic.

While that’s still to be confirmed, this is at least in-game proof that something like that exists, but whether or not it’ll be added, and when, remains to be seen.


Whatever is going to happen in the game’s next chapter, we’ll probably be getting more information soon, as Apex tweeted out a cryptic teaser (surprise, surprise) for something happening on August 6.

The start of a season in Apex is usually when we see new Legends added to the game. So what do you think, will the mysterious Rampart finally be revealed to be Sheila?

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