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Clever Apex Legends trick makes Rampart and Gibraltar a deadly combo

Published: 19/Aug/2020 17:43

by Daniel Cleary


Apex Legends players have found a simple trick with Gibraltar and Season 6 Legend Rampart’s abilities, making them quite an overpowered duo in-game.

Season 6 of Apex Legends saw the introduction of a new character Rampart, who has a unique playstyle and game-changing abilities, namely her mountable minigun called “Sheila.”

Apex players have already found that Rampart’s abilities synergize well with the Shielded Fortress, Gibraltar, and revealed a clever trick that makes the pair almost unkillable when teaming together.

gibraltar's dome of protection
Respawn Entertainment
A new trick with Rampart and Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection could soon take over Apex Legends matches.

The trick allows Rampart players to dish out plenty of damage with the Legend’s ultimate ability, with the added protection of Gibraltar’s tactical shield to keep them safe.


Normally, players are unable to shoot outside of the “Dome of Protection” once they are inside, but Reddit user u/Trans4mer123 shared just how Rampart’s turret could be an exception.

The Apex Legends player revealed both perspectives of the exploit, highlighting that the player on the turret was completely immune to any bullet damage.

The trick can be done by simply placing Sheila at the edge of Gibraltar’s Dome, although it might be difficult to set up in a live match with enemies shooting at you.

While it will probably take a few tries to master, you can gain a huge advantage over your opponents after doing it correctly.


However, this trick is not without its counters, as perfectly placed grenades can still deal damage to the turret, meaning that you will still have to be wary when trying it out.

It is unclear whether or not Respawn intended on this to be a feature in Apex Legends, however, it can be quite devastating to any unsuspecting opponents and will likely lead to more Rampart and Gibraltar picks in-game.