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Clever Apex Legends combo proves why Fuse and Horizon are still deadly

Published: 13/Aug/2021 0:09

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends gives players an entire roster of characters that can make deadly combos in the right scenario, and there’s a particularly potent one that brings out the best in Fuse and Horizon.

It’s been a rough road for Fuse mains since he launched with the Season 8 Mayhem update. The Bombastic Explosives Expert came into the game with a bang, but started to fizzle shortly after.

While there might not be a significant change to the meta, people are getting creative with Fuze since his ultimate is a perfect complement to Horizon’s ability kit.

Twitch streamer ‘KSWINNIIE’ and his crew were in a heated battle in a Ranked Predators lobby when he made the call to combine their abilities.


What happened next looked like a really messed up game of fish-in-a-barrel. With the ring closing in on their opponents’ backs and having to scale a huge wall to go forward, KSWINNIIE and co. turned up the heat.

First, Fuse’s Motherlode bombardment created the ring of fire to enclose the team. Then, with the help of Horizon’s Gravity Lift, KSWINNIIE found the angle to lay down the Black Hole ult.

After that it was just a matter of playing with their food by throwing every nade and arc star into the pit of death. With only four squads left in the game, this was a quick way to clear out a whole team.


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Apex Legends players were pretty underwhelmed by Fuse upon release, but he definitely has his uses.

A lot of stars need to line up to get the most out of this combo, but if you find the right opportunity then you can really lay down some damage.

Both Fuse and Horizon received buffs in the Season 10 Emergence patch update, but they haven’t really been climbing the pick rate just yet.

If we see more insane combos like these work out for Apex Legends players, then it wouldn’t be surprising to see the pair get more popular in the game.