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Classic Apex Legends trick is still one of Pathfinder’s best strats

Published: 10/Aug/2020 0:34

by Bill Cooney


Pathfinder has been around since day one in Apex Legends, and somehow players are still falling for one of the oldest tricks he can pull, and all it takes is a little basic knowledge of his grapple to pull off.

Ever since the very beginning of the Apex games, Pathfinder has been a favorite for players not only for his useful kit and abilities, but his constant upbeat attitude and annoyingly cheery quips.

There are a ton of strategies for good old Path floating around out there, but one of the best ones is still one of the simplest that’s been around Apex for probably as long as the friendly robot has been himself.


Even though Apex has seen a ton of changes, both to the game and to Legends since release, one thing has remained constant – Pathfinder’s grapple, and players are still using it to bamboozle unsuspecting enemies to this day.

The oldest pathfinder trick in the book. If you are being chased jump to low ground and grapple back up. You will be surprised how many people chase. from apexuniversity

As you can see in the clip above, all you have to do is run to low ground when you’re getting chased, and grapple back onto the high ground after your tunnel vision opponents come chasing after you.

It’s something Pathfinder mains have been doing since the very start, and it still seems to be working just fine, as a very large percentage of players will keep chasing you, only realizing they fell into a trap after it’s too late.


Even if the enemy squad has another Path with them, they’ll only be able to grapple themselves back up so at worse, you’re looking at a 1v1 to stay alive.

Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder is able to counter this strat, but should be no problem if you also have teammates to help.

Taking out the unfortunate players who find themselves stuck on the low ground then basically just becomes a game of shooting fish in a barrel because like Obi-Wan himself, you have the high ground.

Apex is still going strong more than a year after release, with players currently gearing up for a whole new wave of content arriving with Season 6 soon. No matter what new legends or bells and whistles get added this time around, it’s worth remembering that sometimes, the simplest strategies are the best.