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Apex Legends

Can you play solo in Apex Legends?

Published: 13/Mar/2021 12:57

by Joe Craven


Apex Legends is now over 2 years old, and players are still wondering whether Respawn’s acclaimed battle royale will ever add a Solos mode. It’s a simple question, but the answer is actually pretty complicated.

Since Apex launched, the game has been primarily focused around Trios as its default mode. We have seen a Solos and Duos mode, the latter now made permanent, but the former still isn’t an option.

Can you play Solo in Apex Legends?

That hasn’t stemmed calls from the player base for a permanent addition of Solos mode. Unfortunately, Respawn don’t seem keen to add one, arguing that the game has been designed for Trios and legends’ abilities were designed to be used in conjunction with others, as part of a team.

Apex Legends players
Respawn Entertainment
The dev team says that the legends’ abilities were designed to be used alongside each other.

Back in January, Respawn reiterated their stance against a Solo mode, referring to an April 2020 post which read: “When we introduced Solos as a limited-time mode last year we saw it actually negatively impacted the game, especially when it came to new player retention. We’ve also purposely designed Legends and their abilities to compliment team-play and squad composition, but when played Solo some Legend abilities become useless.”

Based on that, it’s very unlikely that a Solos mode will properly come to Apex Legends, at least not anytime soon. However, not all hope is lost.

Apex Legends ‘no fill’ option

In the Chaos Theory update, which dropped in game on March 9, Respawn finally added a ‘no fill’ option for matchmaking. As it sounds, this options means players can drop in on their own, opting to play without teammates.

Apex Legends no Fill option
Respawn Entertainment
The ‘no fill’ option dropped on March 9.

Despite its inclusion, matches can only have six “no fill” players in total. Respawn explained that this was done in order to avoid disrupting the “pacing of the game”.

Similarly, the ‘no fill’ option means that players opting to use it will have to play on their own, regardless of the mode they’re playing in. ‘No fill’ will likely be used by upper-echelon players, who are more confident on taking on teams on their own.

Other solo modes in the future?

Right now, Apex is purely a battle royale game, but that is set to change. Chad Grenier, game director, has repeatedly said that they have plans that will take Apex Legends beyond battle royale.

This very likely refers to the leaked ‘Arena’ mode, which is expected top function like a deathmatch-style mode. While this will probably mainly be team-based, it’s possible that a 1v1 option will be formally added too.

In terms of an actual Solo mode, especially a permanently added one, it still seems a long way off, if it comes at all. We’ll be sure to update this article with any new information when it comes. For the meantime though, grab a friend or two and drop into the action, or try your luck with no-fill.