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Apex Legends

Bizarre Apex Legends glitch completely breaks Wraith’s void walk

Published: 25/May/2020 0:33

by Theo Salaun


A new Apex Legends glitch has been discovered in which Wraith’s tactical ability, “Into the Void,” is completely broken for the duration of the match due to seemingly poor server synchronization. 

Wraith is the sneakiest character in Apex Legends—all thanks to her unique relationship with the mysterious Void. 

She has a passive ability, “Voices from the Void,” which tells her whenever an opposing player has taken notice of her. She has an ultimate ability, “Dimensional Rift,” that allows her to create portals for teleportation.

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Respawn Entertainment
Wraith is best known for her “interdimensional” talents.

And, most importantly, her tactical ability allows her to “Void walk” or “phase,” where she traverses the earthly plains while in the Void—meaning that she is essentially invisible (albeit for an easily recognized trail) and invulnerable to damage.


This move is a crucial tool for repositioning during engagements, and often allows Wraith players to escape when on the verge of death. 

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If you die in wraith Q ,your next Q will bug from apexlegends

But there seems to be a glitch where, sometimes, players appear to activate the Void walk on their game client while being simultaneously downed by an opponent. This prompts the Legend to get downed while in the void, which itself is entirely unintended.

As shown by Wraith main ‘Proki-’ on Reddit, this bug can happen in actual games but can also be replicated in the Firing Range. It begins with the troubling downing while in the void, but what happens next is even more concerning. 


Even after being revived—the character will no longer be able to phase properly as the animation will simply cancel before she is able to enter her trusted portal.

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Respawn Entertainment
Wraith’s Perfect Soldier skin is scary, but this glitch may be scarier.

This means that the Legend’s most useful skill is no longer available, leaving her completely vulnerable during engagements and practically disabling the style of play mains have become used to.

This appears to be caused by a disconnect between the player’s client, the game’s server, and the opposing foe’s client as the downing shots are only registered once the Wraith has already entered their Void.


Thus far, there has been no comment from Apex Legends’ developers over at Respawn Entertainment and no confirmation as to how exactly this glitch functions.