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Bizarre Apex Legends deathbox bug makes players invincible

Published: 17/Jan/2021 11:10

by Connor Bennett


A completely bizarre Apex Legends bug with the death boxes managed to save one player certain elimination after being boxed in by an enemy team who threw everything at them.

Ever since Apex Legends released back in February of 2019, there has been a long list of incredibly unusual bugs and glitches on Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and the newest map, Olympus.

Players have been able to use weapons after being downed, games have been interrupted because the map won’t load in, and we’ve even seen care packages spawn outside of the map – just to name a few. 


Death boxes have also played a role too, where players have seen their teammates spawn under staircases or be crushed by a falling box. However, a new bug has helped saved players from certain death. 

Purple and Blue apex legends death boxes in a room
Death boxes have been the source of a few strange Apex bugs.

It comes from Reddit user phantom56657, who showed off a clip of their Lifeline teammate reviving them in a tight spot during a game on World’s Edge.

However, Lifeline’s true masterstroke came after they had died. With both the Pathfinder and Lifeline being caught in a corner, the latter was taken down, and their death box landed squarely on the recently revived Redditor. 


As the kill hungry enemies swarmed on the now-lone Pathfinder, they threw everything at them – including multiple Ultimates and grenades. However, the death box prevented all incoming damage, and they were able to survive and get away pretty scot-free. 

Lifeline saved me from beyond the grave! from apexlegends

But, after leaving the safety of the death box, they were back to normal, and did take damage from a few enemy shots. 

It’s a bit of a one in a million type glitch, seeing as it’s very unlikely many players would be caught in such an unusual position with the death box. So, it’s not exactly game-breaking or something you can try to replicate yourself.


But if it happens to you, and you’re on the side trying to kill the downed player, you may as well be patient.