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Best new Apex Legends skin ideas: Loba, Crypto, Lifeline, more

Published: 2/Aug/2020 15:17

by Joe Craven


Apex Legends’ innovative and unique world was bound to inspire artwork, but community concepts have become a staple of the game’s fanbase. Here, we’ve chosen some of the very best skin concepts from the past month.

It has become commonplace in the Apex Legends community for fans to share their own concept skins for the game’s unique Legends. The creative world conceived by Respawn Entertainment has inspired incredible art and community engagement. Here, we choose our favorite skin concepts from the past month or so.

Crypto Hellslinger

The first is this incredible Crypto ‘Hellsinger’ concept from u/StarDyx, channeling even more yellow and grey into the Surveillance Expert’s look. If Crypto does indeed get the buff many fans are hoping for, this would make him look the part as he seeks to dominate both World’s Edge and Kings Canyon.


Regarding the skin, one Redditor commented that it “looks like a rare and a legendary mix. This is what the epic skins should look like”. It’s certainly epic.

Crypto skin concept : Hellsinger from r/apexlegends

Prestige Loba

Next up is a couple of Loba concepts from u/SithArsenal. The Redditor has crossed the Season 5 legend with League of Legend themes, creating a fantastical take on the High Society Thief.

It also offers a light and dark option, depending on the player’s preference. Given the day and night variants of Kings Canyon, it’s fair to assume the light version is designed to be worn in the day, and the dark at night.


[CONCEPT] Prestige Loba w/ both light & dark version. Tell me what yall think 🙂 from r/apexlegends

Crypto Battle Hardened

Our next skin concept returns to Crypto and, this time, features a concept for his heirloom too. Named the ‘Battle Hardened’ skin, u/Sitting_WOLF has included a trio of variants with slightly different looks, including a large dark green overcoat.

Similarly, they explain they did their research into his heirloom concept, to try and make it as authentic as possible.

I tried to create a simple Battle hardened type Crypto skin + Heirloom concept. I did some research and tried my best to make the Heirloom as Korean and Crypto’s as possible… since its just a modded Data Knife. What do you guys think? from r/apexlegends

Unique styles for Lifeline, Bangalore, Wattson, Crypto

Finally, we have four awesome skin concepts from u/PiroSheikah, offering the same aesthetic style to Lifeline, Bangalore, Wattson and Crypto. Each is given a dark, almost ninja-like overhaul, that would bring some stealth and silent threat to every legend. We’ll take one of each, please.


Here are some fanart skin concepts I made for Lifeline Bangalore Wattson and Crypto, I will draw more legends soon (it takes me a long time?) What do y’all think ? My art page on ig: @midonay from r/apexlegends

As much as we’d like to see fan-made concepts in Respawn, one of their senior writers has explained why that would be incredibly difficult to facilitate. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed, though.