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Apex Legends ‘War Games’ event leaked: Skins, LTMs, rewards, more

Published: 12/Mar/2021 13:06 Updated: 12/Mar/2021 18:45

by Connor Bennett


A new set of Apex Legends leaks have revealed details about the upcoming ‘War Games’ event that will bring new skins, LTMs, and more. Here’s what you need to know.

As the Apex Legends seasons have rolled on, Respawn Entertainment have spiced things up with events.

These events – sometimes themed, sometimes Collection Events – bring new skins, game modes, heirlooms, and a whole lot more to the futuristic battle royale.

Even though Season 8 isn’t too far away from concluding, leakers and data miners have been able to uncover details about events that are still set to happen this season – including War Games. Here’s what we know.


These Apex Legends event bring new skins for characters and weapons.

Apex Legends War Games event start date

As noted, there are multiple leaked events flying around the Apex Legends social media sphere at the moment, but it’s War Games we’re focusing on here.

It sounds similar to the Warlord event that was leaked earlier in the year, however, that likely became Chaos Theory – given that the leaks said that event would be happening in March and was labeled a collection event.

According to reliable leaker Shrugtal, this ‘War Games’ event is set to start in April. His first proposed start date is April 13, lasting until April 27. However, he also notes it could start later than that.


War Games skins, cosmetics & prize tracker rewards

Unlike the Anniversary Collection Event, or even Chaos Theory, it shouldn’t be loaded with map changes or a new heirloom, but instead just full of comsetics.

We’ve already had some skins leak ahead of time, and you can find those here.

Additionally, the prize track has also been revealed by leakers. According to their info, it will include five battle pass levels, two charms, an epic Rampart skin, an epic 30-30 Repeater skin, a rare Crypto skin, and Caustic stat trackers.

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Apex Legends War Games LTMs

In terms of new game modes, well, it looks like War Games will have multiple. According to leaks of the event’s menu, there would be six different game modes that rotate on a 48-hour basis. These include Killing Tim, Flare Up, Armed Drop, Armor Regen, Auto Banners, and Second Chance.


Armed Drop, as one example, is interesting because you’d start with a loadout. Additionally, Second Chance gives you an auto respawn once per game right above the spot where you were eliminated.

As we get closer to April, we should see even more details revealed by leakers and Respawn themselves, so, we’ll keep this post updated as and when they become available.