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Apex Legends

Apex Legends update 1.08 causing major issues on PS4 – Respawn respond [UPDATE]

Published: 8/May/2019 22:00 Updated: 7/Oct/2020 18:08

by Alan Bernal


The 1.08 update for Apex Legends landed on May 8 but rather than fixing issues, it’s been causing some serious problems for players on PS4 – making the game near unplayable for some.

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Update – May 8

Respawn Entertainment has addressed the problems that a sizeable portion of the community has been experiencing, and are looking for a fix.

It’s still unknown what’s specifically causing the problems, but players can at least look forward to Respawn issuing a solution soon.

Original Story

Respawn Entertainment launched their battle royale on February 4 and has since been incredibly popular with players, but a continuous series of bugs has been crippling the experience for a lot of people.


The latest issues seem to be stemming from the surprise 1.08 patch that has been freezing up the game for a lot of players, especially on PlayStation 4. What’s worse is that it looks like the majority of problems are happening during or immediately following the character select screen, preventing players from jumping into King’s Canyon.

[ad name=”article2″]Respawn EntertainmentPlayers excited to drop into King’s Canyon might have to wait a bit until a fix is issued.

The update, which have yet to get official patch notes, has been making players apprehensive to load into games and even roaming around the menus seeings as it can freeze the game at any point.


“Can’t tell if it’s specific banner frame/pose: going to banner settings freezes the game as well both for me and my friend,” Reddit user ‘Taylor_N’ said.

Members of the Apex Legends community have expressed their confusion from the patch that took players from the 1.1.1 entry to 1.08.

“I cant join any games,” Reddit user ‘xSevithx’ said. “Anyone who joins me freezes. What the fk? It just freezes after the legend select screen….anyone else having this issue? Update seems to have completely boned Apex for me.”

[PS4] Choosing Lifeline after 1.08 update freezes the game from r/apexlegends

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Why is Apex Legends freezing?

The influx of reports have been confusing tons of people, while others are looking for an explanation to the recent problems.


“My working theory is that this is a rollback before the real update comes through,” Reddit user ‘d0nkatron’ said. “It’s a super tiny update, which means it could be simply fixing that bad script error that caused the gibby/caustic bug. If it’s not this, I’m totally at a loss of explanation. This is bizarre to say the least.”

Respawn Entertainment have yet to address the latest update sent out to players or the rise of issues that seem to have been directly caused by downloading it. We’ll update this article as more information becomes available.


UPDATED: MAY 9, 2019 – 1:36 PM EST