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Apex Legends TikTok shows how Caustic can get inside Replicators

Published: 18/Oct/2021 19:57

by David Purcell


Caustic has a secret ability that Apex Legends players can use in-game… He can enter Replicators through a secret hatch. 

Now, the character’s mains will already be aware of his actual abilities and ultimate in-game, from Nox Gas Trap to his Nox Gas Grenade. Each of them, in their own right, can be deadly when used on an enemy. That said, he’s added another string to his bow due to a strange bug players have found.

Respawn Entertainment work tirelessly to patch out as many glitches as they can, some of which are game-breaking and others are just fun to do. This one definitely falls in the latter category, fortunately.


With just a few clicks, the Toxic Trapper can step inside any of the many Replicators located around the map.

How to get inside Apex Legends Replicators

caustic at a apex legends replicator
Respawn Entertainment
Replicators are not supposed to be entered by Legends.

As regular players will be aware, Replicators are usually used to buy ammo, make improvements to armor, attachments, and other upgrades. However, this trick turns it into the ultimate hiding place.

If you would like to get inside a Replicator in Apex Legends, follow these instructions:

  1. Drop into Apex Legends.
  2. Land at a Replicator location on the map.
  3. Place a Nox Gas Trap right next to one of the monitors.
  4. Enter the Replicator.
  5. Leave it immediately.
  6. Crouch and move forward, sliding inside the Replicator.

Apex Legends TikTok: Watch Caustic enter a Replicator

This is certainly an element of gameplay that is unintentional and, in truth, it’s not a very useful thing to do either.

While you might be able to get inside the Replicator, you cannot actually escape once you’re locked inside the small structure.



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As seen in the short clip from goldec, it’s really not too difficult to get inside one of these metal chambers with Caustic.

Whether or not you see any benefit in doing so, however, is your choice – not ours.