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Viral Apex Legends TikTok shows how Rampart’s ult can get infinite ammo

Published: 20/Sep/2021 22:28

by Alan Bernal


An Apex Legends tip from TikTok is showing players how to get the most out of Rampart’s Sheila machine gun with a bug that gives her infinite ammo.

Rampart has been benefiting a lot from her Apex Legends Evolution Collection buff, with plenty of players opting to try out the Amped Modder in Season 10. Changes to her ultimate have gone really well, as popular streamers like iiTzTimmy are baffled by Rampart’s power after the patch.

But not everything has been going swimmingly in Apex since the Evo Collection update, with server issues and game crashes showing up quite frequently – even forcing Respawn Entertainment to address the problems.


There could be one more issue for the company to resolve after a TikTok user who goes by ‘RossBobSquirrel’ showed how to get infinite use out of Rampart’s ult Sheila.

@rossbobsquirrel Infinite Ammo Glitch on Mobile Sheila by Punching 🥵 #apextips #apextiktok #apexlegendsclips #apexseason10 #apexfunny #apexglitch ♬ original sound – RossBobSquirrel | Apex Legends

“You can have infinite ammo while Sheila while mobile,” they said. “After emptying your entire magazine of Sheila while mobile, hit the melee button.

“Your ammo will now start to go back up. Pull out the mobile version of Sheila again, you can do this as many times as you want.”

With the latest changes to Sheila, Rampart can now unmount the machine gun to make it a mobile nightmare. But with the latest bug, there’s no limit to how much you can use the ult after activating it.


Respawn Entertainment
Players have found a way to get infinite ammo for Rampart’s Sheila.

Like you can see in the clip, after expending everything Sheila’s got, you can still get away with some more time with the machine gun by activating the glitch.

As Respawn get cracking on multiple bug fixes for Apex, this exploit might be something they look into once they become aware of it.

Even without the infinite ammo glitch, Rampart’s been on the rise in Apex Legends as more players are starting to see how viable she can be in a squad.