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Apex Legends throwback event sparks calls to copy popular Fortnite LTM

Published: 27/Jun/2021 16:07

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players want Respawn Entertainment to take inspiration from Fortnite’s popular Unvaulted LTM and bring it to their battle royale with some massive throwbacks.

With Fortnite, Epic Games didn’t just set the standard for battle royale games, but they continued to raise it with each new season and massive update. Everything that has come after can’t avoid a comparison.

Of course, Respawn have blazed a trail as well with Apex Legends, given it is a unique take on the battle royale genre itself with abilities and set characters.

The pair have taken inspiration from each other too with different features like the vaults and respawn beacons, but now fans want Respawn to follow a popular Fortnite LTM.


apex legends re-45
Respawn Entertainment
The RE-45 and Alternator were previously able to use Disruptor Rounds.

With Respawn bringing back the classic Kings Canyon map and all that Skull Town goodness, players want to go a step further and bring back classic hop-ups like Hammerpoint and Disruptor rounds.

Responding to the idea, some fans suggested that bringing the hop-ups back on a permanent basis wouldn’t work, but in a limited-time mode? Absolutely.

“They were unhealthy for the game, but I could be down for an LTM where old hop-ups come back though,” said Redditor Risk_Runner. “They weren’t good for the game, but an LTM where they say f**k the loot pool everything is everywhere would be so much fun,” added another fan. “I would love to see everything un-vaulted,” said another.

Since we’re getting Season 0 KC & S3 Worlds edge, I think it’s time we bring back Disrupter Rounds for an LTM from apexlegends

Other players gave the idea of a throwback LTM the thumbs up, especially if it means bringing back old maps to host it on too.

Bringing back classic maps on rotation for throwback weekends is an idea that players have suggested for quite some time, and it’d be interesting to see if the new idea catches Respawn’s idea.