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Apex Legends tactical buff would make Octane the ultimate aggressor

Published: 6/Apr/2020 22:36

by David Purcell


Speeding around normally as Octane in Apex Legends isn’t enough for some players, as one has proposed a tactical buff to the character that would potentially make him the game’s most aggressive character.

Big buffs and nerfs can alter the meta in the Apex games, impacting which legends are stronger than others in particular circumstances.

In the case of Octane, his current abilities in Season 4 allow him to use a Launch Pad to move from place to place, Adrenaline Junkie to speed up his sprint, and Swift Mend which means he can recover health over time.

Respawn Entertainment
Octane’s Launch Pad wouldn’t be set to change with this concept, though.

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However, new changes would seriously shake up the character’s skill set, as proposed by Reddit user Giraffe6000. The Redditor, who posted their idea to the Apex Legends subreddit on April 6, released a video of the potential tweaks and also an explanation for each.

Instead of moving faster for six seconds, costing health, they proposed that the stim would instead allow Octane to do everything faster for 10 seconds, including reloading and healing.

During their concept video. they said: “I wanted to make Octane more combat oriented so I made stim have a tactical advantage in combat, so that Octane players are able to play offensive with faster reload and defensive with faster heals.”


My idea for a buff to Octane’s tactical (sorry for janky editing I just wanted to get some visuals to show the changes in action) from apexlegends

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This would essentially mean that other players would have to not just be able to deal with Octane’s fast sprinting, but also fast healing and fast reloading – which would be a serious rework of the character.

While something as drastic as this is unlikely to make it into the full battle royale game, perhaps another route – to trial something of this nature – would be to incorporate exaggerated ultimates and abilities in a limited time mode. Imagine, Octane sprinting around like this, Bangalore popping smokes the size of cities, and huge Wattson fences scattered around the map.


That would be the only way to fairly bring about changes like this that wouldn’t make Octane the obvious overpowered pick, although it must be said, the idea should certainly give Respawn some food for thought.