Apex Legends streamer responds to aimbotting accusations following “one in a million shot” – Dexerto
Apex Legends

Apex Legends streamer responds to aimbotting accusations following “one in a million shot”

Published: 26/Jul/2019 10:16

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends streamer Ottr has responded to claims that he was ‘aimbotting’ on-stream after hitting a miraculous shot in front of his Twitch viewers.

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Since the game launched on February 4, Apex Legends – like many multiplayer titles – has had its fair share of cheaters running riot on the servers. Respawn has banned an eye-watering amount of hackers already, with plans in place to combat them even further with learning software.

Yet, it might take a little bit longer to perfect automated banning based on cheating behavior after one streamer was incorrectly banned. 

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Streamers have even away their Apex Legends on-stream.

During his July 25 stream, Swedish broadcaster Ottr had been competing in an online tournament when he hit a remarkable set of shots on two opposing players after vaulting over a railing.

The Swede was immediately unsure of what had just happened and was left with a suspicious look on his face – staring back and forth between his game and stream. After he told his chat to not clip that moment, some viewers immediately did and posted it to the Apex Legends and Livestream Fails subreddits with allegations of aimbotting.

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Yet, moments after his game had finished, the streamer explained how it wasn’t cheating and an almost one in a million shot thanks to the vaulting.

“I hit the vault, and then I hit him,” ottr stated. “That’s the luckiest, fuck those 500-meter shots – that’s the real one in a million shot. Holy shit.”

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After the clip had gone viral on Reddit, with further claims of cheating, the Swede stepped in to defend himself – especially as suspicions about the moment ramped up due to his initial reaction. 

He added: “Some people raised concerns about my reaction and my alt-tabbing. I react like that all the time when I do sus shit and I’m currently looking through my clips trying to find some other ones when I say the same thing. I alt-tabbed to create a stream marker so I could clip it myself later cause I thought it was fun.”

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Due to the nature of the shot, and the claims made across multiple subreddit, Ottr was initially banned from the game for under an hour by one of the Respawn developers.

However, after fighting his case, the Swede was unbanned by another member of the team and didn’t even have to go through the usual appeals methods.

It remains to be seen how the Respawn devs will respond to false accusations in the future, especially when their cheating behavior learning system is up and running.