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Apex Legends spectators: Why you can’t see if you’re being watched anymore

Published: 25/Jun/2021 12:10

by Lauren Bergin


After a slew of comments have been demanding the Respawn introduce the spectator count function back into Apex Legends, we’ve broken down the reason why it was removed to start with. 

As Season 9 of Apex Legends continues to get underway, Respawn are constantly working to improve their game. With the month-long dry spell finally at an end, we’re looking forward to seeing some serious changes mix up the Outlands.

Fans everywhere have been concocting innovative features of their own. From Skyrim-style lockpicking abilities to bouncing around the Firing Range in zero gravity, players have done it all.

Amid all of these crazy suggestions, though, are a group of players who are clutching onto the good old days, and they’ve taken to Reddit to show off their controversial wishlist.


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While Season 9 saw both a new game mode and Legend grace the scene, some players are feeling nostalgic.

Some players want Apex Legends spectator count back

In a recent Reddit blast from the past, some players have expressed that they want the “spectator count” UI feature brought back.

Once upon a time, next to the skull representing your kill count you’d find an open eyeball. This showed you how many players were spectating you, with the number rising and falling as players joined or left your stream.

The feature was promptly removed, however, as it made cheating incredibly easy. If you were spectating an enemy, all you’d need to do is tell your living ally where they were and what their item status was, and they’d be easy prey.


Despite this, a thread arguing that the feature should be reinstated has garnered an impressive 6.2k likes at the time of writing, and is on the rise.

Bring this back plz from apexlegends

It’s clear from looking at the comments that, for all of those upvotes, there are rather a few downvotes too.

Most respondents are pointing out that “this is gone because it’s easier to catch cheaters without it,” while another notes that “I always got nervous when I had viewers, I think I enjoy the game without it.”

Others contradict this, writing “just some insight into cheating, you can see who’s spectating with or without this,” with a final response claiming that it gave them “superpowers” as they thrived on the pressure.


It’s doubtful that Respawn will bring the all-seeing eye back into our games considering the reason that it was removed. Fs in the chat for spectator count fans.