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Apex Legends servers down: Unable to connect to Apex servers worldwide

Published: 10/Jul/2021 14:51 Updated: 10/Jul/2021 17:43

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends servers are having another major outage on July 10, as players around the world are unable to connect. Developers Respawn Entertainment have now rolled out a fix.

As Season 9 comes to a conclusion, players are playing through the Genesis Collection Event, in hopes of potentially unlocking the Revenant heirloom.

Unfortunately, a series of server issues is halting progress, and on July 10, Apex Legends servers went down for millions of players all over the world.

Apex Legends Server status

Despite EA Help displaying that Apex’s server status were all green, players around the world were unable to get past the main menu screen.


At 8:20AM EST, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that they were investigating network outages affecting players in all regions.

Respawn then updated to say that they were seeing improvements for some players, but were still investigating the issue.

Later on July 10, the developers said that a new update should resolve the issues for most players, but that they’re still investigating error codes, specifically code:net and code:wheel.

This widespread outage follows a hack on the Apex Legends playlists on July 3, where players were unable to queue for any playlist. Instead, a hacker changed the name of the playlist to ‘Save Titanfall.’