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Apex Legends Season 11 weapon buffs & nerfs: EVA-8 and L-STAR changes

Published: 28/Oct/2021 18:12 Updated: 29/Oct/2021 4:12

by Andrew Amos


Apex Legends Season 11 is here, and there’s a couple of shake-ups in the weapons department with some changes to the EVA-8 Auto and L-STAR. The two dominant guns will be nerfed, while care package changes see the G7 Scout vaulted and the Triple Take return.

The new Apex Legends season, Escape, has arrived, with plenty of changes on its way to the Outlands. Storm Point marks the fourth stomping ground for the Apex Games, and a new Legend in Ash (yes, that Ash from Titanfall) is ready to lay their claim to the title.

The game’s pre-existing content is also changing though. Outside of the usual assortment of Legend buffs and nerfs ⁠— including a big boost for Wattson ⁠— the weapons littered across the Outlands are also being revamped.


The EVA-8 Auto and the L-STAR headline the Apex Legends Season 11 weapon changes, with the two meta guns receiving nerfs.

That’s not all though, with care package changes, and a new hop-up ready to boost up the Mastiff and 30-30 Repeater.

Apex Legends EVA-8 Shotgun
Respawn Entertainment
The EVA-8 Auto is getting yet another nerf in Apex Legends Season 11.

EVA-8 Auto nerfs

The EVA-8 Auto is facing another set of nerfs in Apex Legends Season 11. Despite changes in Season 10 nerfing its fire rate with Shotgun Bolt attachments, Respawn are now completely reverting its Season 8 buffs, which edged the fire rate up from 2 to 2.1.

The EVA-8 Auto has dominated the shotgun meta for the last couple of seasons in Apex Legends, especially since the Mastiff faced nerfs. With the EVA-8 being the go-to gun in late-game fights, the latest fire rate nerf might edge other picks like the Peacekeeper above it.



  • Fire rate reduced from 2.1 to 2.0

Dev Note

With the reduced bolt scaling we’ve done in previous passes the EVA-8 is still performing ahead of the shotgun pack. Hitting the base fire rate should help balance out our shotgun roster.

L-STAR nerfs

The L-STAR is being nerfed too in Apex Legends Season 11. The Energy LMG has risen up to be a powerhouse of the meta after its Season 10 changes, even with a decent nerf in the Evolution Collection event.

In Season 11, the L-STAR will hit for one less damage per bullet, down from 18 to 17. This may not seem like a lot, but in conjunction with the ammo nerf in September, this could knock it off its perch at the top of the Apex tier list.


Respawn Entertainment
The Apex Legends Season 10 L-STAR buffs turned the LMG into a laser beam, but in Season 11 it’ll be toned back.


  • Reduced barrel effectiveness at all rarity tiers
  • Significantly reduced projectile collision size
  • Damage reduced from 18 to 17

Dev Note

The L-STAR has been a force to be reckoned with this season so we’re taking a big swing and hitting its projectile size and damage in an effort to bring it down a notch.


  • Slightly increased pellet size
  • Choke up time reduced from 1.5s to 1.25s
  • Choked up shots remain tight for slightly longer when exiting ADS

Dev Note

When the PK came out of the crate we gave it a big sweep of nerfs to make sure the floor PK wasn’t the crate monster we had all grown to know. In this pass, we swung a little hard so we’re giving it a QOL and usability pass this season.


  • Damage reduced from 60 to 55

Dev Note

We’re walking back a recent buff to the Longbow that proved unnecessary. We wanted to give it some love due to all the recent Marksman updates but it seems the Longbow was just fine.


New Dual Shell hop-up boosts Mastiff and 30-30 Repeater reloads

Outside of the actual numbers changes, a new hop-up is coming in Apex Legends Season 11.

Named Dual Shell, it buffs up the reload time of the Mastiff and 30-30 Repeater. Instead of reloading one bullet at a time, the Dual Shell hop-up will put two rounds in at once, getting back to full in no time.

The hop-up makes for some interesting tech experienced players can pull off. Being able to quickly reload two bullets and take those last couple of potshots could be the difference maker in a fight.

Of course, the full reload speed increase is nice, so if you find a Dual Shell hop-up, you should pick it up.


Fuse 30 30 repeater
The 30-30 Repeater is getting a hop-up in Apex Legends Season 11 named Dual Shell.

G7 Scout buffed as it moves to care package, Triple Take on ground

Care package wise, the Triple Take is moving back to the ground. Having been shifted to a marksman weapon from a sniper in Season 10, it’s likely to feel a bit different come Season 11 ⁠— given it’s going back to its Energy rifle roots.

In its place, light marksman rifle G7 Scout will be put in the rare drops. It’s getting a slight damage buff, but it will also have the Double Tap trigger hop-up equipped.

The boost, which was vaulted in Season 8, fires out two bullets with one pull, and makes the Scout a big threat in close quarters combat.

Triple Take

  • Charge time from 0.8 -> 1.1 (pre-crate value)
  • Mag increase at all tiers (Base: 18, White: 21, Blue: 24, Purple: 27)
  • Ammo consumed per shot increased to 3
  • Ammo required per shot increased to 3

Weapon drops from care packages increased, but not for Kraber

Finally, care package weapons will be a common sight across the Outlands. The drop rate for weapons is doubling from 25% at the start to 50%, scaling all the way to 100% by the game’s end ⁠— guaranteeing a weapon in late-game drops.

However, don’t expect there to be a dozen Krabers in play all of a sudden ⁠— the one-shot sniper’s drop rate will be specifically reduced to avoid every game becoming a skull-cracking mess by the end.