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Apex Legends World’s Edge map changes opened up a crafty hiding spot

Published: 19/Aug/2021 2:04

by Alan Bernal


A tricky hiding spot in World’s Edge is now far more accessible after the Apex Legends Season 10 update to the Harvester landed – and it’s already getting some use in-game.

Since the Harvester touched down on World’s Edge, it’s been a popular place for people to create vertical mayhem. Well it looks a bit different now without its central beam after the events from the Emergence update.

There was a tricky hiding spot where people would use the Harvester’s updraft to rat their way in, but that whole process has gotten a lot easier since the Season 10 map changes.


While it’s still touch-and-go to get in there, a lot more Legends can have an easier time worming their way in which a bit of practice.

Now that harvester beam is gone there’s a neat little spot you can perch on from apexuniversity

Reddit user ‘AppropriateShallot8’ showed how the recent changes at Harvester opened up the possibilities for troll picks and outplays.

Basically, the center of the turbine has a window panel. Since the beam in the middle isn’t there, players can now prop themselves up on the frame from the other side.

Since the Season 10 changes, it’s a lot more forgiving to get it right and Shallot showed how easy Valkyrie could get up there.


Beware that while it’s a good hiding spot, or cheeky place to put a Crypto drone, there are vantage points where opponents can shoot you from below.

Respawn Entertainment
The Harvester has seen a lot of changes since we’ve first seen it in Apex Legends.

Other than that, the glass in between keeps you safe from anyone who passes by, so it could be a decent delay tactic in certain circumstances. It would be a really interesting spot to set up a Revenant totem for an easy respawn.

The Apex community are really good at finding these kinds of spots, so don’t get caught off-guard when you see someone in there.

It’ll be interesting to see how Respawn reacts to this hiding spot, but Apex Legends players are sure to have their fun with it before it can get patched out.