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Apex Legends Revenant Ultimate bug is sending players to their death

Published: 17/Apr/2020 12:40

by Connor Bennett


A strange Apex Legends bug revolving around Revenant’s Ultimate is sending players to the spot where they died – prompting them to die all over again for a second time.

After a few teases for different characters – primarily Forge – Revenant was introduced as the newest character back at the start of Apex Legends’ fourth season. The Synthetic Nightmare has quickly become a familiar face to players who are looking to claim a victory in the battle royale – though the character hasn’t been without issues.

Many players have complained about Revenant being too weak compared to how he actually should be, while others have found bugs with the Death Totem that have sent them straight to ‘hell’. Now, a new problem has been rearing its head that is ruining the character’s ultimate ability.


Revenant stares at a window in Apex Legends Season 4 trailer
Respawn Entertainment
Revenant is one of the most used characters in Apex Legends.

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The issue was showcased by Reddit user iCarnages who used the Death Totem before taking on a group of enemy players that had locked themselves in a corner of a building. iCarnages activated the ultimate ability on the roof of the building, quickly jumped down, and started taking on the enemy squad in a dangerous firefight. 

Despite dealing plenty of damage, the Redditor was slain by their foes – but instead of being sent back to the totem on the roof, they were dropped right back on the spot where they had died.

As a result of only having 1HP to their name, iCarnages was quickly eliminated again by the enemy squad and sent back to the pre-game lobby – obviously frustrated by what had just unfolded in-game. 


Death Totem bug? from apexlegends

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Of course, it is a pretty different problem to the ones that have come about from Revenant’s ultimate previously – who can forget the glitch that would send players to a different part of the map.

However, as it is clearly not working as intended, it will be something that Respawn will have to investigate at some point, just so it doesn’t cause more headaches down the line.