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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players want key change made to Finisher moves

Published: 4/May/2019 1:00 Updated: 4/May/2019 1:01

by Albert Petrosyan


While Finisher moves are a unique and awesome aspect of Apex Legends, many players want there to be a key change made to how they work in-game. 

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Finishers are unique animations that Legends can perform to fully eliminate downed enemy players in an execution-style manner.

Each Legend has its own unique set of Finisher moves that they can perform, often including an animation that involves one of their abilities in some way. 

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Major issue with Finishers

While most players do find Finishers exciting, one frustrating issue is that the button to trigger a Finisher move to be performed is the same one for interacting with the environment.


This ends up causing players to accidentally start doing a Finisher on a downed enemy when they were simply pressing the button to trying to open a crate, get through a door, or reviving a teammate that’s downed in the same area.

Respawn EntertainmentWhile Finishers are an awesome aspect of Apex Legends, accidentally triggering them is a very frustrating experience.
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The reason this is an issue is because Finishers take several seconds to fully complete the animation, which was done intentionally to add an element of risk when doing them.

As a result, players sometimes find themselves stuck waiting for the animation to be completed, which often leads to nearby enemy players shooting at and downing them midway through the Finisher. 


Here you can see pro player Dizzy accidentally start doing a Finisher midway through a gunfight against a whole squad, although thanks to some questionable shots from the enemy player, he was able to survive his mistake. 

How this can be fixed

Obviously, this is predominantly an issue for those using a controller, as players on keyboard and mouse have the luxury of being able to use a lot more keybindings. 

One user on Reddit suggested that the Finisher move should be assigned to a button that’s less often used than the one for ‘interact,’ which is arguably the most used button in Apex Legends.


Could we PLEASE get an option to bind “execute” to another key than “interact”? from r/apexlegends

Another user proposed that the Finisher be only activated when you’re looking directly at the downed enemy player, which would eliminate a lot of accidental occurrences.

Either way, something should be done about the Finisher button assignment, because there’s nothing more frustrating than being eliminated because you accidentally triggered the animation when trying to simply revive a teammate.