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Apex Legends players want change for “broken” Caustic ability

Published: 21/Aug/2021 11:29

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends fans want Respawn to make a slight tweak to Caustic’s “broken passive” as they are still want to be able to see enemies in the gas a bit more clearly.

While he’s gone through a handful of buffs and nerfs since Apex Legends launched over two years ago, Caustic has remained a top-tier choice for players dropping into the Apex Games.

The Toxic Trapper is the perfect foil for a number of different playstyles, as he can easily slow down a push from aggressive players as well as smoking out enemies who try to camp.

That’s thanks to his gas abilities and passive that allows him to see through said gas. However, players want him to receive a slight buff on that front.


Caustic Legend Apex
Respawn Entertainment
Caustic is the best Legend for controlling an area.

Apex Legends player AcidRegulation highlighted the fact that Caustic’s passive is ever so slightly “broken” because enemies still don’t appear too clear through the gas.

Like many, they want Respawn to either clean up the gas for Caustic – so they can see through it more easily – or have the enemies highlighted in a different color than one that blends in with the gas.

“Bloodhound sees his enemies in red, why is it green with Caustic?” they asked. Players quickly hopped on board with the idea too. “As a caustic main, I feel this… buff this passive respawn. It’s overdue!” said one. “I don’t understand why Caustic has such a weak passive that doesn’t even work how it is supposed to,” added another.

An example of Caustic’s broken passive from apexlegends

Some players noted that it’s been this way for quite some time, which has prompted them to drop Caustic as their main. Others added that they struggle to use the legend without the Digi Threat sight.

Of course, it would require balancing so that Caustic’s gas isn’t too powerful, but that’d be on Respawn. There are plenty of ideas from fans, but they make the call.