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Apex Legends players want Caustic changes to counter more enemies

Published: 28/Aug/2021 16:17

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have been left unsure as to why Caustic’s gas doesn’t affect all of his enemy’s abilities and would like a change to rectify that. 

Caustic has long been a popular choice in Apex Legends. His kit has always been strong and he’s a difficult character to counter, and he has a large crop who continue to main him.

However, in recent weeks, some players have become frustrated by the Toxic Trapper seeing as it can be difficult to see through his gas and because it doesn’t deal damage to downed players in the same way as it does others.


As a result, fans have called on Respawn to make a few slight changes, but now, they want a bit of a bigger overhaul to fit the strength of his gas from his backstory.

Gas diffusion caustic
Respawn Entertainment
Caustic’s main strength as a Legend is his ability to control and lockdown an area.

In Caustic’s lore, his toxic gas is supposed to melt pretty much everything in its path. In reality, it doesn’t quite do that and it only affects a handful of enemy abilities in-game.

As pointed out by Redditor Savings-Breath-1280, the gas only affects four abilities – Crypto, Wattson, and Rampart’s tactical as well as Loba’s Black Market Boutique ultimate – when they believe it should affect them all.


“There is no logic behind Caustic’s Gas damage,” they complained. “Either all or no Gadget should take Gas Damage #changeMyMind.”

There is no logic behind Caustic’s Gas Damage from apexlegends

Others quickly agreed with the stance too. “It is like air acid, so logically like yeah, everything should burn and melt,” said one. “If this isn’t a top priority for Respawn, then they’re clueless,” added another.

Some players suggested that the gas actually damages more abilities than the Apex player pointed out, but it seems to be a case-by-case basis where some players see different things.

Of course, Caustic can’t be the ultimate counter for every legend – he’d simply be too strong then – but it’s clear players want some sort of change. So, we’ll have to wait and see.