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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players stunned after enemies load into Firing Range too

Published: 18/Mar/2020 6:49

by Brad Norton


Apex Legends players were left scratching their heads after randomly loading into a Firing Range instance together.

Offering a respite from chaotic battle royale gameplay, Apex Legends gives players the ability to take a breather and sharpen their skills in the Firing Range.

With all weapons and items available to practice with, the area is intended as an isolated zone, free from all enemies. However, a puzzling new glitch is loading enemies into the same instance.

Respawn Entertainment
Players are able to activate a wide array of easter eggs in the Firing Range

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Rather than dropping into their own private section in Apex Legends, Reddit user ‘Xechwill’ was shocked upon loading in and seeing another random player in their Firing Range.


“Did I queue with you?” they asked, confused as to how a complete stranger managed to find their way into the same instance.

The training facility in Apex is supposedly one instance shared among all active players, though everyone is supposed to load into a version of the area by themselves. These two players seemingly encountered a rare glitch as they happened upon the exact same Firing Range.

I got put in the same firing range server as someone I don’t know? from apexlegends

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“I don’t know what’s going on,” the random enemy amusingly joked as the two got acquainted, and Xechwill agreed they’d been left pretty confused by the training yard shock.


While up to three friends are able to join into the same area to practice together, loading in with strangers is seemingly a new occurrence and perhaps it could be indicative of an upcoming feature.

Currently, the only way to practice with various weapons is by shooting at dummies. Given that it’s now proven possible to join a Firing Range with randoms, maybe players will soon be able to practice their skills against other actual humans, similar to a pre-game lobby in the likes of Fortnite and even Warzone.

Respawn Entertainment
Would you like to see a pre-game playable lobby added to Apex Legends to warm up?

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Without comment from the developers at Respawn Entertainment, however, this could just be a one-off, freak occurrence that may never pop up again.


As the Firing Range once played host to some of the most intricate easter eggs in the game, however, maybe the community will dig a little deeper and find a way to replicate the situation.