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Apex Legends players really want a new ultimate for Lifeline

Published: 2/Mar/2021 22:00

by Bill Cooney


Lifeline is one of the original characters in Apex Legends, but some players think her ultimate ability is just about due for an upgrade.

Apex’s go-to healer, Lifeline, is one of the OGs in Apex’s lineup. She’s been munching on Ultimate Accelerants and calling Care Packages since day one, but some players think the ability isn’t as useful as it once was.

The Support legend’s ultimate, named ‘Care Package,’ calls down a supply pod that contains one each of healing items, weapon sights, and shields. Following updates to how armor works in Apex, though, some players think it’s time for some kind of change.


Lifeline ultimate
Respawn Entertainment
The loot offered by Lifeline’s Care Packages hasn’t changed since the very start of Apex.

A post on the Apex subreddit by user Aqua_official2 simply floated the idea that Lifeline’s ult could be due for an upgrade, and soon was at the top of the page, with over 10,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments chiming in.

Several players pointed out that one of the most valuable items on offer from the package, and one of the biggest reasons to use the ability late game, were the Purple Shields – but the introduction of Evo Shields has changed all of that.

Every player now drops in with Evo Shields equipped following an update in August of 2020. They upgrade based on how much damage you deal to opponents throughout the match, so by the final few circles, most remaining players will already have maximum, Level 5 protection already.


Multiple players argued that this makes the Care Package little more than some deployable cover that takes 15 seconds to land — basically a bargain-bin version of Gibby’s tactical Dome Shield.

please give lifeline an actual ult, nobody wants to wait 5 minutes for 2 syringes and a cell from apexlegends

Care Packages are indestructible though, so once they’re down on the ground, they do make decent cover… but the consensus over on Reddit seems to be it’s time for a change.

Exactly what kind of change people want to see is a little more up in the air, with suggestions ranging from adding a chance at Supply Drop weapons to it in the late game to scrapping the ability entirely and starting over with something new.


Respawn, to their credit, has already said they’re working on changes to Lifeline’s ultimate, but until they come out with more information, we’ll just have to wait and see what changes are coming.