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Apex Legends players create super Wraith portal using Trident on Olympus

Published: 11/Jan/2021 17:39

by Alex Garton


Ever wondered how far you can travel using Wraith’s Dimensional Rift? Well, a group of Apex Legends players may have created the longest portal at 1300 yards in total.

Wraith has remained one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends since the game’s release back in 2019. Her kit is incredibly fun to use and she’s an extremely powerful Legend in the right player’s hands, so it’s no surprise she’s still a favorite among fans.

Her Ultimate, Dimensional Rift, is one of the most unique abilities in the game. It allows her to create a portal from one location to another and provide a rotation tool for her squad.


Of course, you could use this ability effectively to help yourself win matches, or you could grab some of your friends and attempt to create the longest portal ever made. Luckily for us, Reddit user JTTYUS chose the latter of those options.

Respawn Entertainment
Wraith has one of the highest playrates out of all of the Legends in Apex.

The longest Wraith portal ever created in Apex Legends

A thread posted to the Apex Legends subreddit showcasing one of the longest Wraith portals ever created has gone viral. At the time of writing, the post has an unbelievable 19,800 upvotes and over 250 comments.

The incredible video shows a group of players using a Trident vehicle and Revenant’s Ultimate to create a super portal.

For starters, the player picks up Revenant’s Death Totem, and then the whole squad jumps into the Trident. They then utilize the Trident supply bin trick that launches the vehicle through the air and across the map.


Once they’ve landed, the Wraith simply activates her Dimensional Rift just before the Death Totem effect returns her to her previous location. This is what creates the across-map portal that their whole squad can use. Unfortunately, they’re ambushed before they can use the rift properly but nonetheless, it’s an amazing trick.

1300 yards super wraith portal from r/apexlegends

It’s obvious Respawn hasn’t programmed the Ultimate to operate at that long of a distance. You can see this when they enter the super portal and the normal rift animation is bugged.

Either way, their experiment made for an absolutely amazing clip and, as far as we know, stands as the longest Wraith portal to ever be created in-game. If that isn’t an achievement, we don’t know what is.