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Apex Legends players catch surprising link between Fuse and Titanfall

Published: 3/Feb/2021 20:53

by Alan Bernal


An odd link between Titanfall and Apex Legends’ new Season 8 character, Fuse, has been discovered, adding to various layers of callbacks to the mainline series that Respawn loves to include.

With the two set in the same universe, there’s going to be plenty of links between overarching Titanfall lore across Apex Legends. Respawn enjoys indulging in such easter eggs, and the Apex community just loves to discover them.

The craze was reignited after the launch of the Season 8: Mayhem patch that brought a mess of updates along with the Australian ‘Bombastic Explosives Expert,’ who’s been making a huge impact on the battle royale.


But ever-watchful Apex players who still have an ear for their fan-favorite TitanFall series noticed that Fuse has a special nod to the classic franchise of Respawn’s past. In a post that’s quickly garnering hundreds of upvotes, user ‘hugwalk’ noticed that Fuse’s tactical ability, the Knuckle Cluster, has a different sound queue for when its cooldown timer has expired.

Fuse’s tactical ready sound is from Titanfall, different from other legends. from apexlegends

They played back the sound queues for other Legends’ with them all sounding the same, except for Fuse.

At the end of the clip, the user included the sound of tactical in Titanfall and, lo and behold, the two share the same kind of rhythm that was confusing some people with how similar they are.


“So that’s why I like playing him. It’s messing with my subconscious,” one person said, with others sharing the same sentiment to the new character.

fuse season 8 apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Fuse has been bringing a ton of surprised to Apex Legends Season 8.

As far as the story goes, Apex has had a bunch of callbacks to the original but this takes implementation to a strange new level. It doesn’t have very much impact at all on the game, which is why some people thought it was a cool decision by Respawn

While there are those that believe this was a simple mixup by the devs, others seem to be appreciating the supposed callback in the new season.


Respawn have been known to go to great lengths to have a bit of fun with their audience, so we wouldn’t put it past them to find a simple, yet effective, way to mess with their Apex Legends player-base.