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Apex Legends player reveals how Caustic looks without his mask

Published: 4/Aug/2020 22:26

by Alan Bernal


An Apex Legends player pulled the mask off of Caustic to give fans a look at the mysterious Toxic Trapper, who’s been turning a new leaf with audiences since Season 4.

Caustic has been a diabolical menace in Apex since the game launched. However, he’s been ‘losing his edge’ and is becoming a lot more appealing in the battle royale’s rich lore, resulting in a renewed interest for the evil scientist.

As one of the game’s few masked Legends, the more we know about Alexander Nox (Caustic) the more we want to learn about him. He’s becoming an enigma in the game, and people are waiting for when Respawn will finally give him his own Town Takeover to bring his story to light.


While we wait for a season where we can fully explore Caustic’s backstory, user ‘ImDeadWood’ tinkered with the Trophy Hunter Legendary skin to give people the best look at his entire face yet.

ImDeadWood via Reddit
A bit of a tweak to Apex Legends’ Trophy Hunter skin reveals Caustic’s full face.

Every one of Caustic’s alternate skins and base design feature a massively imposing mask so that he could wreak havoc with the Nox Gas he’s known for spamming in the Arena.

While its practicality is unquestioned, it prevents people from getting a complete look at the Legend that people have been starting to warm up to. Thanks to ImDeadWood, the toxic Legend’s full face is on display in one of the clearest images of his in-game model.


The Apex community has been liking the Legend’s open-faced look, with some comparing his image to Santa Clause since his Trophy Hunter skin really leans into the white hair and grey beard aesthetic.

“I need a skin with his whole face showing. Like that yellow full body suit, with transparent face front thing,” one user wrote in response to the unofficial reveal.

Respawn Entertainment
Caustic is known as a sinister masked-character in Apex Legends.

There’s been a ton of fanfare for this rendition of Caustic, making some wonder if the same could be said for Legends like Octane and Bloodhound.

It could be a while before we get official skins in Apex Legends that show off these characters’ faces, but players are hoping we can see them sometime in the future.