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Apex Legends player discovers how to turn Mirage invisible using Wraith’s Ultimate

Published: 19/Apr/2019 0:12 Updated: 19/Apr/2019 4:36

by Albert Petrosyan


Recently, it feels like something new gets discovered in Apex Legends almost every day, with the latest discovery being a way to turn Mirage invisible.

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Apex Legends can sometimes be a tricky game to manage, especially when all of the different Legends’ Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate Abilities come into play.

As if that’s not enough, more and more oddities are being found in the game as of late, some completely changing how regular mechanics are known to work.

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Player figures out how to turn Mirage invisible

On April 18, a Reddit user posted about a new mechanic he discovered that allows Mirage to turn invisible using the Wraith’s Dimensional Rift Ultimate Ability. 


According to the post, when a Mirage activates his own Ult, called Vanishing Act, and goes through a Wraith’s portal, he will come out of the other side completely invisible and weapons drawn, having the ability to shoot if desired.

Mirage Ult + Wraith Ult = Invisible Mirage Capable of Firing from r/apexlegends

The major difference between this and using Mirage’s Ult on its own is that the Ult allows him to turn invisible and spawn decoys but does not grant him the ability to shoot his weapon while in that invisible state.

Although it lasts for just a few seconds, this method could catch a lot of unsuspecting enemies by surprise, which could be the difference between winning and losing a match.


Another invisibility trick with Mirage

As mentioned in the comments of the post above, this is not the only way to get the Mirage to turn invisible while still being able to fire his weapon.

Players have also discovered that popping the Mirage’s Ult and immediately jumping onto a zipline results in the same effect when the Legend hops off the zipline, as shown in the video below.

Are these bugs or intentional mechanics?

Seeing these invisibility techniques with the Mirage begs the question as to whether they are the result of bugs and glitches or were they intentionally coded into the game.

While we may never know the answer to that question, it certainly does fall in line with the rest of the unusual things discovered recently in Apex Legends, especially since the release of the v1.1.1 update on April 16. 


These oddities include:

While some of these bugs and glitches are milder than others, Respawn will certainly prioritize cleaning up their game before things start to get way too out of hand.