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Apex Legends player discovers mind-blowing use for Wraith’s ultimate

Published: 10/Mar/2020 1:20

by Alan Bernal


Wraith’s ultimate Dimensional Rift is a fantastic tool for rotations and escapes in Apex Legends, but one player showed how it can also be used to disorient incoming attackers.

Playing with portals can make it hard for opponents to get a hold of Wraith and her teammates. Matters only get worse when Wraith uses those portals to find ways of opening up her foes for an attack.

By creatively using the environment to force players into the ult, Reddit user ‘ItsNealeyy’ showed how a short-distance port can go a long way to stay one step ahead in the Apex Games.


Respawn Entertainment
Wraith’s ult has a ton of different uses in Apex Legends.

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In the broken terrain of Fragment East, the player activated the ultimate ability where players using the vertical zipline would jump off to get access to the roof.

But they placed the exit for the interdimensional tunnel just a few feet away with over 90% of their Rift Energy still available to use.

With both teammates dead, the enemy squad in pursuit must have figured that the portal was being used to make a last-ditch escape.

Did something a little interesting with wraith ult and I just want to share it here. from apexlegends

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But instead of using her portal ability to flee the scene, the Wraith ended it nearly immediately and moved around the corner to where they had a vantage point on the portal’s exit.


Sure enough, 10 seconds later the first victim appeared. Bloodhound came out of the other end, still running forward into the now-kill room when the Wraith unloaded on them with her Flatline. She took her opponent down in seconds.

Moments later, a Wattson also made her way through the portal while ItsNealeyy was reloading, and the tricky Wraith made to stay out of sight.

ItsNealeyy via Reddit
The portal trap gave the Wraith a huge opening to burst down two players.

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While that fight wasn’t as clean as the one just before, ItsNealeyy managed to make the most out of it by using the portal as cover to obscure the opponent’s shot.

In fact, Wattson even portaled through the ult again during the fight, which would have been the right play. But it may have been unintentional since they came back through it moments later.


The creative use of Wraith’s portals resulted in two quick kills and showed how to use the ultimate for directly offensive purposes.

More players will no doubt be using similar tactics with Wraith, making her an even deadlier character to field in Apex Legends.