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Apex Legends

Apex Legends player shares design for leaked character Nomad and it's incredible

Published: 26/Apr/2019 20:03

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends has one of the most creative fan communities in gaming, as seen in the incredible character designs they keep coming out with.

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Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale released February 4 and since then Apex fans have been giving their twists on characters they’d like to see in the game.

The latest creation takes inspiration from a leaked character that some believe could still be on the way. Regardless if they’re still scheduled to be released, one fan decided to fill out a concept character with abilities and a backstory that fits the cloaked Legend.


Respawn EntertainmentThe official cast of Legends each have their own unique abilities, and this design would easily fit into the roster.
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A full body for Nomad

In a Reddit post, user ‘MagnumPDie’ not only created a character around the leaked Nomad image, but filled out the rest of the design with what they think the Legend would look like.

Their Legend’s abilities take inspiration from the character’s past as “the tribes of the desert nomads developed old techniques into advanced tactics.”

Nomad’s abilities consist of a Hide’n Seek passive that makes them “invisible to digital threat optics.” Meanwhile, their tactical ability called Flurry, lets Nomad deflect incoming projectiles and grenades, possibly with the awesome sword MagnumPDie gave their concept.

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The ultimate ability is simply called Cloak, and it would deploy a beacon that turns nearby players invisible. Though it’s unclear if that means enemy players will also be cloaked, it would make sense to give the ultimate some kind of downside.

user MagnumPDie via RedditA full look at what the leaked character could look like.

Who is Nomad?

Though MagnumPDie’s concept is incredible on its own, it’s inspiration is rooted in the massive Apex Legends leak that revealed possible upcoming characters for the game.

One of those leaks produced the image of a red-hooded figure who has their face covered with a skill cutout.

Not much is known about the leaked Legend, except that its name might be a toss up between Nomad or Jericho.


ApexLeaksNews TwitterA host of images that came out of the leak. The fan created their concept based on the character second from the left.

Other leaks also suggested that the character in question could have a tactical or ultimate ability that tells them the location of nearby items using a “loot compass,” according to Reddit user ‘Sargent379.’

All in all, the character design for MagnumPDie’s Nomad combines elements of their Legend’s lore with its ability kit and would make an intriguing contestant in the Apex Games.