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Apex Legends player accidentally finds best hiding spot on Kings Canyon

Published: 5/May/2020 14:55

by David Purcell


Finding good places to hide can be difficult at the best of times in a fast battle royale experience like Apex Legends, but one player appears to have found one of the best hidden crevices on Kings Canyon – completely by accident. 

Keeping a note of best places to camp it out can be helpful for a number of reasons in the Apex Games. Whether you’re being shot at, are on low health, or would like to sit back and assess the situation before going on the aggressive, knowing the safest spots on the map can be a huge advantage.


While Kings Canyon has been available – in several forms – since launch, it has also been made unavailable to play on for periods of time as well. So, not everybody will be completely aware of the best hiding spots.

Now that it’s back and can be played regularly, this is definitely one to keep a note of.

Apex Legends cinematic for Season 2.
Kings Canyon is the original stomping ground for the vast majority of the Apex Legends player base, but there are still some parts of the map they won’t know about.

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Reddit user ManlySyrup was fired at on the game’s original map, from multiple targets, before firing off a few smoke grenades to make a stealthy exit. Moments later, the player realized they were still being chased, until they fell into a very handy hole.


Using the rocks to shield them from enemy sights, the Bangalore managed to escape the attack without elimination – which looked certain just seconds before.

I accidentally discovered a neat little hiding spot from apexlegends

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Where is the hiding spot?

If you would like to check this spot out, it’s located in the North of Kings Canyon – right next to the river.

Using the handy map we’ve put together below, all you have to do is drop into the battle royale, head over to a nearby area to loot up (you don’t want to visit here unarmed), and then see it for yourself.

The yellow dot shows you where the place can be found on Kings Canyon.

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So, there you have it! Hopefully, it will be as useful as it was for this player and help you secure your next victory.


Kings Canyon is quite a tight map to play on and teams are always never too far apart, so having hiding spots like this up your sleeve is never a bad thing. For all you know, it could be the difference between life and death.