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Apex Legends pick rates: Most popular Legends in Season 10

Published: 20/Oct/2021 2:10 Updated: 21/Oct/2021 9:08

by Calum Patterson


With an ever-growing roster of available characters, the pick rate for each in Apex Legends is constantly fluctuating as new metas emerge and the developers make balancing changes. Here’s the latest data for pick rates in Season 10.

It’s important to clarify that this data is based on a database of just over 6 million players – which isn’t the total player base, but is a very good sample size. It doesn’t mean these are the “best” Legends either, just the most popular currently.

The complete data set for all players is only available to the developers, so unless they choose to share it publicly, we will have to use the data available via ApexLegendsStatus.


This is available pick rate information based on users who have connected their account, which at the time of writing is over 6.2 million players. These stats also exclude players below level 10, to provide a more accurate picture of pick rates for all Legends.


Octane Apex legends arenas tier listOctane is currently the top pick rate in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Pick Rates in Season 10

  1. Octane: 14.6%
  2. Wraith: 11.7%
  3. Bloodhound: 10.8%
  4. Pathfinder: 9.2%
  5. Lifeline: 7%
  6. Valkyrie: 6.4%
  7. Bangalore: 4.9%
  8. Horizon: 4.7%
  9. Loba: 4.6%
  10. Caustic: 4.4%
  11. Fuse: 3.5%
  12. Gibraltar: 3.4%
  13. Seer: 3.4%
  14. Mirage: 3.1%
  15. Revenant: 2.9%
  16. Rampart: 2.2%
  17. Wattson: 1.6%
  18. Crypto: 1.5%

The most used Legends in Apex Legends

Octane has been topping the charts all Season 10, despite a popular introduction for Seer and a recent nerf to his kit. Despite how many strong legends there are, it’s no surprise that Octane’s simple and fun abilities keep him at the top. However, following his nerf, Seer has dropped from 2nd to 13th.

Bloodhound has dropped to 3rd from 2nd, largely because the Apex Chronicles event that required you to play as the tracker for the in-game quest has concluded.


Wraith is also moving back up to the top after taking a hit in Season 8, probably thanks to Low Profile being removed. Valkyrie‘s pick rate has dropped sharply since her first introduction, now down to 6th.

This chart shows the movement of pick rates since May 2021 – Horizon has picked up slightly with her buffs in Season 10, while Bloodhound has taken a dip thanks to the introduction of Seer – who has plummeted since his nerf.

Legend pick rates
Seer has plummeted after his nerf early in Season 10.

Valkyrie has slowly dropped off from her initial hype at the start of Season 9, but her pick rate is still high, and steadily rising as more pro players utilize her abilities in official tournaments.


Loba’s pick rate has slowly started to pick up, thanks to her bracelet buffs, just moving into the top half.

Most played Apex Legends

As previously stated, a higher pick rate doesn’t always equal a more effective legend. But these are the most popular Legends in the game.


Octane guide
Respawn Entertainment
Don’t be afraid to use Octane’s Launch Pad as a means of retreat

Octane remains at the top of the list despite the nerfs he’s received since the game’s release. His easy to use, yet highly effective abilities make for a great solo legend, as well as a highly effective team player.


Bloodhound Event Apex Legends
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Bloodhound’s scans make them the best recon legend in Apex.

While Seer may have taken the title of “Best Recon Legend” early on in Season 10, that time was short-lived. Bloodhound is an irreplaceable legend thanks to their tactical ability “Eye of the Allfather”, which offers unparalleled tracking and information for any team.



r99 in apex legends with wraith
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Wraith has been the most consistent legend in all of Apex Legends

Wraith was the face of the game back at launch and it’s easy to see why. Her abilities have yet to be replaced or challenged. Her portal allows for smooth and strategic rotations, while her phase makes it so that you can take more risks and still retreat with your life intact.

She has had some tinkering done – like the removal of the Low Profile attribute back in Season 9, but she remains as deadly as ever in the current state of the game.


Lifeline Apex Legends Respawn Operation Health
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Lifeline is perfect for players who prefer a support role

Lifeline has gone through major changes since the dawn of Apex Legends. However, seeing as she is the only healer in the game, it’s no surprise why her pick rate is so high. That, coupled with the fact that her abilities are fairly simple to use and master, she’s also a beginner-friendly legend in many ways.


After Respawn buffed both her tactical and ultimate ability in Season 9, her pick rate as only continued to grow.


Apex Legends Pathfinder zipline exploit
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Pathfinder’s grapple can get you out of sticky situations in no time

Despite being no where as effective as he was back in his prime, Pathfinder still manages to be the top picked mobility-based legend in Apex Legends. Ever since Season 5, Respawn has continued to adjust Pathfinder’s abilities, while also giving other recon legends (Bloodhound, Seer, Crypto & Valkyrie) his original ability to scan for upcoming ring locations.

While these events have lessened his overall effectiveness, he still manages to be one of the highest picked legends in Apex.

So that’s it! The most picked legends in Apex Legends Season 10 – Emergence.

When the next set of buffs and nerfs roll out, we’ll update the standings to reflect any changes in pick rates.

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