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Apex Legends makes Loba’s bracelet even more useless after new update

Published: 10/Mar/2021 11:08

by James Busby


Not only does Loba’s tactical enable her to travel vast distances in a blink of an eye, but it also keeps her out of harm’s way. Well, that’s when it actually works. 

Apex Legends’ Loba has constantly had problems with her teleporting tactical, but now it seems things have gotten even worse. Despite Respawn fixing this tactical multiple times before, the issue continues to run rampant. This comes after devs recently fixed a glitch where Loba could teleport into objects and get herself stuck

Loba’s broken bracelet is obviously incredibly frustrating for the Apex community, especially since it is a problem that has persisted since Season 5. After all, getting into a firefight or late-game ring and finding your tactical doesn’t actually work can prove fatal. 


Now it seems Loba’s tactical is performing even worse in Season 8 after a recent update, as many players are now finding areas of the map where it completely fails to work. 

Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Loba’s tactical is still broken in Season 8

Respawn has previously had to fix areas of World’s Edge and Olympus where the bracelet failed to work. However, it now seems many Loba players are reporting problems on Kings Canyon. 

Twitter user @Taisheen is one of many Loba player who has encountered problems. Posting on Twitter, the player captures the moment when they try to teleport onto the roof over at Capacity. 

Taisheen throws out Lobas tactical numerous times, but not a single one of her bracelet throws works. Instead, the player is simply forced to accept defeat and leave the position. 


It’s obviously an extremely frustrating issue and one that can have a detrimental effect on the Legend’s win rate and play rate. 

Apex Legends may not be as buggy as Warzone, but it is no stranger to its fair share of glitches. After all, both Octane’s Jump Pad and Loba’s bracelet have continuously proved troublesome. Hopefully, Respawn finds a fix soon or the Translocating Thief won’t be teleporting anywhere soon. 

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