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Apex Legends

Apex Legends leak reveals when Kings Canyon bunkers will open

Published: 7/Jun/2020 11:08

by Connor Bennett


A new Apex Legends leak has revealed the dates for when the bunkers scattered around Kings Canyon will open – and the first one isn’t too far away.

When Apex Legends Season 5 got underway and the changes to Kings Canyon were revealed, players couldn’t help but notice a number of sealed hatches dotted around the map.

The hatches, as some players quickly found, lead to underground bunkers – with one to the south of the map already being accessible if the game gives you a good drop path. Respawn has teased “big things” coming from the bunkers, but one leaker already has the dates for when they will open and what should be inside.


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Respawn Entertainment
These hatches, which lead to the bunkers, are dotted around the map.

Reliable data miner Shrugtal tweeted a map of the four bunkers and their respective locations – Terminal Station F-85, Terminal Station W-78, Terminal Station O-240, and Terminal Station L-19.

The leaker also noted that the first bunker should “start to open” on June 16, the second on June 23, the next on June 30, and the last one on July 7.

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However, they won’t be “ready to enter” until a week later. So those dates, in the same order as above, would be June 23, June 30, July 7, and July 14. Some fans also noted that the letters for each bunker spell out ‘WOLF’ – which is what Loba’s name means in Portuguese.


Three of the four bunkers will also have a dedicated gold variant weapon inside with these, according to the leaker, being the Sentinel sniper rifle, the Havoc rifle, and Prowler.

Each bunker should have different items available inside, like ammo and healing, but it’s unknown if they’ll live up to the quality of the loot vaults scattered around World’s Edge.

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The four bunkers should all be open at the same time once the final hatch opening date comes – meaning that these spots should be pretty populated at the start of games come July 14.

Though those dates have surfaced thanks to Shrugtal, Respawn could shake up their plans if an urgent update is needed to address something else in-game. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens come June 16.


It’s possible that these bunkers will be part of the next collection event, which Shrugtal also claims will be called ‘Treasure Hunter’.