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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Iron Crown parody slams microtransaction controversy

Published: 15/Aug/2019 21:45 Updated: 15/Aug/2019 21:56

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends community have not been appreciating trends in the Iron Crown in-game event, and a parody reflecting on the outrage has been hitting all the right notes with players so far.

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The overflow of praises that Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale received immediately after its February 4 launch seems to have quieted down in the aftermath of questionable microtransactions introduced in the Iron Crown event.

From social media sites like Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and the like, Apex Legends players have been strongly voicing their opposition against bizarre revenue tactics that are offering players Iron Crown Event Packs for roughly $7 each.


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Respawn EntertainmentThe Iron Crown event introduced amazing in-game skins and items, but getting them is the hard part.

In a YouTube video that’s proving to be incredibly popular with the Apex community, content creator ‘Retrospect’ sliced and diced various clips from Avengers: Infinity War, Twitch streamers and more to troll the company on their latest tactics in the game.

“Spent two days editing the ‘Iron Crown’ trailer to better reflect the communities opinion on Loot Boxes,” Restrospect said.

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It seems like the effort paid off in full as people in the Apex Legends community have been responding tremendously well to the YouTuber’s video promoting the “Go Fuck Yourself – Limited Time Mode.”


The video touches on the disappointing drops that come out of the Apex Packs, the mass disappointment from the community in response to them, and EA’s apparent looming presence that the community is convinced is behind it all.

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“This game is absolutely amazing and I’ve spent countless hours into it,” Restrospect explained to someone out of the loop on the Apex Legends hate. “The devs are incredible… the problem lies with these new loot boxes. It’s $7 per box and it’s a random chance for you to get one of the special items that’s come out with the new event. Plain and simple scummy”


While there’s still a ton of positives for the actual game of Apex Legends, the new Iron Crown event hasn’t inspired much trust in the community after the August 13 update.

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The parody has been a hit with Apex Legends fans, and if anything could be a great source of rich feedback in case the company behind the game wants to find a way to win favor with their audience again.