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Apex Legends Hop-up concept would finally making crafting powerful

Published: 25/Aug/2021 17:06

by Alex Garton


An Apex Legends player has suggested a major change to hop-ups that involves making all of the attachments craftable instead of being ground loot.

Apex Legends Season 10 has arrived and the community is enjoying all of the new content that Emergence has brought to the title. Whether it’s the lethal Rampage LMG, the Worlds Edge map changes, or the new Legend Seer, Season 10 certainly marked a huge shift in the game’s meta.

Despite all of the exciting new additions, Apex players are always suggesting new and interesting ideas to the devs to help make Respawn’s battle royale better.


Whether it’s cosmetic designs, balance changes, or even Legend concepts, there’s never a day that goes by where a player doesn’t come up with a unique idea for Apex.

This time, it comes in the form of a hop-up rework, which would involve making some major changes to the way that players customize their weapons.

Hop-up rework Apex Legends
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Hop-ups can turn a mediocre pickup into a powerful weapon instantly.

Hop-up concept would completely change gun customization

While the majority of weapons in Apex Legends are viable just after dropping into the map, as the match progresses, its key players get their hands on a hop-up for their gun.

These attachments add a huge boost of power to a lot of weapons and can be the difference-maker heading into the final circle.


Despite this, sometimes it can feel almost impossible to find the correct hop-up. To combat this, Reddit user SteelCode has suggested that these powerful attachments should be exclusive to Crafting Stations.

This would take the random element of ground loot out of the equation and create a more “controlled ecosystem” when building up a weapon with upgrades.

Really wanted to give this comment some attention, credit to SteelCode from apexlegends

Adding to their argument, SteelCode even suggests that reworking hop-ups into this system would clean up the loot pool and stop the frustration of players constantly finding the wrong attachment.

Either way, it’s clear that this would be a huge change for Apex and the devs would have to balance the prices of certain hop-ups that provide more power than others.


However, there’s no denying it’s an interesting idea that Respawn may want to consider if they’re looking to reduce some of the randomized elements of their title.