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Simple Apex Legends fix to Death Boxes would save so many lives

Published: 6/Oct/2021 0:18

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends’ Death Boxes can cause the most annoying lapses and even deaths in the battle royale, and a simple fix to the issue would save so many lives.

When a player gets taken out they drop a Death Box filled with their loot and respective banner for teammates to attempt to respawn them. But fights in Apex Legends can get pretty messy.

This can lead to a cluttered battlefield with these boxes stacked on each other or simply just in an unfortunate position that can catch players off guard.

Something like that happened to Reddit user ‘Individual_Sink2383’ who found themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place, seeing as Death Boxes take a bit of patience to get rid of.


Love getting stuck from apexlegends

While they were eventually able to get out of the spot, the snafu left them in a precarious spot for the rest of the game, eventually dying in the zone.

This brought back painful memories for a lot of people in the Apex subreddit, leading some to propose simple fixes that could avoid these mishaps.

“Death boxes should be punchable. No physics on them, but when you punch them they move away a bit,” one user suggested.

apex legends death box
Respawn Entertainment
The Apex Legends devs have fixed Death Boxes quite a bit since launch, but a couple for quality of life updates could still help.

Of course, there were people saying people should be able to walk through the crates, to make them passable objects. While simple in concept, there could be some drawbacks.


An update like that could pose other problems such as getting shot through them or not being able to mount them for strategical angles, as other Redditors pointed out. But the concept could be something Respawn troubleshoots to find a more suitable solution.

It would be a tricky one to figure out since the boxes can end up anywhere an Apex Legends player manages to die, but it looks like people in the community would appreciate a change.