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Apex Legends Firing Range set for big improvements as Mobile version is way better

Published: 27/Sep/2021 13:06

by Calum Patterson


The Firing Range in Apex Legends has remained pretty much the same since launch, outside of a few small tweaks, but with Apex Legends Mobile now having a massively improved Firing Range, the main game could be looking at some big changes soon too.

The Firing Range is mainly used to getting your aim warmed up and trying out Legend abilities outside of the intensity of a proper match.

But, there are some features, big and small, that players have been requesting for a long time. These include infinite ammo for weapons, difficulty settings for bots, and even some practice modes with friends.


To the surprise of some players, these exact features have been incorporated into the closed beta of Apex Legends Mobile – a standalone game that is currently only available in select regions.

apex legends mobile
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Mobile has a lot of improved features vs the main game.

This is also in addition to a Team Deathmatch mode, another feature players of the console, PC, and Switch version have been asking for.

Firing Range changes coming to Apex?

These changes in the mobile version have been praised by players, while also wondering why they haven’t made it to the main game yet.

Apex Legends producer Josh Medina dropped a cryptic hint that the infinite ammo option might be coming to Apex Legends proper soon.


But, more than this, the first look at various modes, such as setting difficulty for bots and playing ‘Free For All’ against friends, got players hoping that these too will make it to the main game.

Players have been having their own ‘1v1’ battles in the Firing Range for a long time, but this would allow the player to choose specific weapons, as well as set a time and score limit.

These changes would hopefully not be too time-consuming for the team at Respawn to implement, especially as they already have a working version to base it on from the mobile game.


However, there’s no indication of when these features might come to the full version of Apex, so while it might be in Season 11, it could be later down the line too.