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Apex Legends devs respond after accidentally nerfing Bangalore

Published: 14/Mar/2021 12:39

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends devs have responded to an issue with Bangalore’s smoke, as it’s been given a significant nerf after the Chaos Theory update, making it much less effective.

As Apex Legends has a roster of unique characters, Respawn Entertainment have had to walk a fine line when it comes to buffs and nerfs.

They’ve said previously that they can’t give a legend too much power, even if they are behind on being buffed, and they can’t completely nerf someone who is strong – it takes multiple changes to strike a balance.

On this occasion, however, the change to Bangalore doesn’t seem to have been deliberate, but rather an unintended change caused as a side-effect of another tweak.


Bangalore's smoke in Apex Legends
Reddit: giilgaa
Players have noted that Bang’s smoke is now pretty easy to see through.

In the Chaos Theory update, a change was made to FX particles, which has affected Caustic’s gas, Bangalore’s smoke, and Gibraltar’s Ultimate. Essentially, the reduction in particles has made it much more see-through – rendering Bangalore’s tactical pretty useless. They don’t have that visual block of the smoke to help them create a hiding space or flush out scared enemies.

As a result, players have been reporting the issue and asking Respawn to revert the change so that Bangalore’s ability can be useful again.

“We’re investigating what happened here. There was a change to the underlying VFX that we made with optimization in mind. The goal was to have it look identical to what was there before, but apparently that’s not what happened,” said Daniel Klein, lead game designer at Respawn Entertainment. “We’ll let you know when we know more.”

As the same issue is affecting Caustic’s gas, a fix to the bug should hopefully be a nice buff for him too.

There’s no telling how long it will take Respawn to get everything squared away. It could be as easier as an overnight hotfix, or it might have to wait until a bigger update, like the one coming at the start of Season 9. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The next Apex update is set for Monday, March 15, in which a laundry list of fixes will be implemented.