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Apex Legends devs remove Volt SMG from LTM after mistake

Published: 17/Sep/2020 22:28

by Tanner Pierce


Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment have confirmed they removed the Volt SMG from Armed and Dangerous game after it accidentally appeared in the snipers and shotguns only mode.

When Season 6 of Apex Legends launched back in mid-August, fans were treated to a brand new SMG: the Volt. This extremely low-recoil gun allows players to pop off kills with ease and has been pretty well-received by the community, with many players using and some people saying it’s a bit overpowered.

When the weapon accidentally showed up in the Armed and Dangerous LTM, however, many fans were confused, with some people thinking it could be a new feature of the mode that Respawn didn’t let people know about. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.


Respawn Entertainment has confirmed via Apex Legend’s official Twitter account that they have removed the Volt SMG from the LTM.

For those that don’t know, Armed and Dangerous essentially restricts all weapons aside from snipers and shotguns from being used. There are a number of other restrictions implemented, including a difference in armor and Gold-tier weapons, but generally speaking it is mainly recognized as a shotguns/snipers only mode.

If that’s the case, how, you might ask, did an SMG make its way into the game? According to Twitter user and Apex Legends dataminer Biast12, this is because the code for Armed and Dangerous wasn’t changed since the last time it was in the battle royale, which was before the Volt was added.


This means that the mode didn’t recognize the weapon as an SMG and allowed it and its ammo to spawn in-game.

All in all, while this is a pretty major screw-up, especially for a weapon as powerful as the Volt, it’s good that the developers removed it as quickly as possible.