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Apex Legends devs playtesting more Loba buffs for Season 8

Published: 6/Feb/2021 6:31 Updated: 6/Feb/2021 9:33

by Andrew Amos


Loba has already received buffs in Apex Legends Season 8, but mains of the Translocating Thief have demanded just a little bit more, and Respawn are entertaining the idea. This time, the buffs are coming to her tactical ability, Burglar’s Best Friend.

Loba never quite landed as well in Apex Legends compared to some of the other post-launch releases. Picks like Horizon and now Fuse are dominating the Outlands, but Loba never really shone.

There’s a lot of hidden power in the Translocating Thief’s kit between her bracelet teleport and her ability to see Purple and Gold items from miles away. Loba mains want this to be realized, but Respawn is hesitant.


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Loba has needed some buffs for some time, and now Respawn are handing them out.

She’s already seen some buffs to her ultimate in Season 8, allowing her to peek into care packages. However, there’s some issues with buffing her bracelet, as it can quickly turn OP.

“Why are we so conservative balancing her tactical? There’s good reasons! Combat readability, that is to say having a good idea where the enemy could have gone to in this case, is super important for making Apex feel as good as it does,” developer Daniel Klein said on Reddit.

“If you ever fail to see [or] hear the throw, you might suddenly have a Loba behind you you didn’t expect, and that feels awful.”


That doesn’t mean they’re neglecting her though. There’s two changes planned for later in Season 8 that’ll excite Loba mains. One, Respawn are fixing a bug that has caused her teleport to fail in multiple areas. Two, they’re potentially removing the slow penalty when she throws her bracelet.

“Her tactical still has a bunch of areas where it fails. That’s a bug! Whenever we find those, we try to fix ’em for you as soon as possible,” Klein added.


“We’re currently playtesting a version that doesn’t slow you down at all while the bracelet is in the air and that doesn’t slow you down when you arrive at your target location. Bit scary, but been testing well so far.”


There’s no ETA for these buffs, but they might be enough for more players to pick up the Translocating Thief.