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Apex Legends devs have plans for Horizon changes after her big nerfs

Published: 26/Jun/2021 16:04

by Connor Bennett


Respawn Entertainment have revealed that they’ve got changes lined up for Horizon, but they aren’t revealing exactly what Apex Legends fans can expect just yet.

After weeks of waiting, Respawn have finally confirmed that the next Apex Legends Collection Event will be known as Genesis, bring back Kings Canyon, and Revenant will get an heirloom.

On top of the retuning map and new cosmetics, there will also be changes to the current crop of legends.

Players have already made their feelings known about the Wattson ‘buff’ that has been lined up, calling it a “troll” and an “insult” to Wattson mains. Horizon mains also wanted changes, but the Scottish astrophysicist was absent from the list of buffs and nerfs.


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Respawn Entertainment
Horizon has been knocked down a bit in Apex.

Some Horizon users quickly made their disappointment known across social media, offering up ideas for ways in which the Apex Legends devs could change her – mainly in terms of giving her a slight buff.

While he didn’t say exactly what they’ve got planned, Respawn’s Josh Medina did confirm that they’re cooking up some changes for Horizon.

“She got stuff in the oven,” he said, replying to SoaR Gaming’s Andre ‘Draynilla’ Jospeh, attaching a timer clock emoji as well.

There’s no telling exactly when these changes may drop into the battle royale, perhaps at the start of next season, seeing as they may have missed the cut for the Collection Event.


Respawn have already said that they’ve got “good” changes coming for Rampart in Season 10, but they’ll come during a mid-season update, rather than at the very start. Maybe Horizon is on a similar path as Rampart, we’ll just have to wait and see.