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Apex Legends dev confirms Wraith’s confusing Voidwalker fan theory

Published: 5/Sep/2019 23:47 Updated: 6/Sep/2019 1:29

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends loremaster ‘FrozenFroh’ put together a handy guide to clear up possible confusion on the Wraith situation that was shown in the September 2 Stories of the Outlands video.

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Respawn Entertainment rolled out their second Town Takeover with their event on September 5, this time inspired by the twisted and traumatic backstory of the Interdimensional Skirmisher, Wraith.

So far the event has proven to be extremely popular among new and longtime players, but the introduction of the alternate timeline heroine has been throwing some fans through a loop as to which Wraith is from what dimension.

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But the Reddit user FrozenFroh created an easy-to-follow guide that shows the timeline of the two stars from the lore entry, which a dev was all but happy to confirm by saying: “you nailed it – skins and all :)”

As the graph shows, there were two main versions of Wraith that the video follows: the Apex Games Timeline (Ghostwraith), as well as the timeline where the IMC is still up and running performing bizarre experiments (our Wraith).

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But it’s the Ghostwraith who is seen attempting to take down the IMC facility that originates from the timeline where players have been dropping into the Apex Games.


In her timeline, she found herself in the same predicament as IMC-timeline Wraith, but the Apex Games-version of her (the Ghostwraith) decided to fight back against her oppressors and bring them down.

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For those that didn’t understand what happened with Wraith, here is a nice timeline of events from r/apexlegends

While escaping the alternate reality’s facility, Ghostwraith saves the IMC-Wraith. While Ghostwraith’s new plan was to save her alternate version and then escape, she saw head scientist Amer Singh and tunneled in on her revenge.

As the battle was getting out of hand, Ghostwraith gave her interdimensional device to IMC-facility Wraith so that she could escape.

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It should be noted that as much of a bad-ass that IMC-Wraith is in the game, she actually seems like the more non-violent of the two, which might be why the IMC wasn’t taken down in her reality.


The Wraith that players have been using in Apex Legends is not the one from that timeline, but instead from an alternate reality; which is why she joined the Apex Games to learn more of who she really is.