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Apex Legends dev responds to bug with kill stats being wrong in Season 10

Published: 20/Aug/2021 11:10

by Alex Garton


An Apex Legends dev has responded to the out-of-sync stat bug affecting players in Season 10, revealing that after numerous attempts to fix the issue, they can’t seem to find the answer.

Season 10 of Apex Legends has certainly shaken up the game’s meta and given players a lot of new content to get stuck into. Whether it’s the lethal Rampage LMG or the brand new Legend Seer, Respawn definitely didn’t hold back with Emergence.

Despite its positive reception, the major update didn’t arrive without a few hiccups, and while most of them have been resolved, others just won’t seem to go away.


One of which is an out-of-sync stat bug that shows the wrong amount of kills on player’s in-game banners. As a lot of Apex players take their personal stats extremely seriously, the issue has started to bother them.

Now, a dev has taken to Reddit to respond to the glitch, but it’s not exactly the response players were hoping for.

Apex Legends stat bug
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Not every issue in Apex Legends can be fixed by the developers.

Apex Legends devs reveal they’re struggling to fix stat bug

After encountering the out-of-sync stat glitch in Apex Legends that showed the incorrect amount of kills on their banner, Reddit user CrispyCoachPotato1 decided to make a thread to see if anyone could help.

Luckily, it wasn’t long before a dev replied and shed some light on the problems Respawn was having finding and fixing the issue.


According to the dev, this glitch seems to pop up for some players at the start of each season, and the development team has had trouble reproducing it internally. Despite trying every theoretical combination they could think of, the bug never seems to pop up.

“This is a consistent issue at the start of each season for some players but it’s not one that we’ve ever been able to successfully reproduce internally,” they wrote. “We’ve tried every theoretical combination around leaving matches, downed enemies, downed self, disconnects, etc. And they never get out of sync”.

As the Technical Game Designer says, it’s difficult to fix an issue when you can’t seem to diagnose why it’s happening. This will certainly be disappointing news for Apex players, but it doesn’t look like the kills are out of sync by much in most cases.


Although this isn’t the answer everyone in the thread was looking for, it’s understandable that not every issue will be able to be fixed immediately.

This is probably a bug that Respawn will find the solution for over a long period of time, but for now, at least it’s not an issue that’s affecting the gameplay experience as a whole.