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Apex Legends dev responds to Mirage’s decoys blocking bullets, melees, and explosives

Published: 2/May/2019 19:17 Updated: 2/May/2019 19:19

by Albert Petrosyan


With Apex Legends players discovering that the Mirage’s Decoys have the ability to block certain damages, a developer from Respawn Entertainment has issued a response.

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Mirage is one of the more polarizing characters in Apex Legends, as some enjoy using him in-game while others content that his abilities simply don’t stand up well to that of the other Legends.

However, Mirage, much like some of the other Legends, has some secret properties that may not have been explicitly stated in official game guides, which could make him much more viable than many believe.

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Mirage’s Decoys block damage

On May 2, a Reddit user named ‘SaberTheNoob’ posted a video in which he demonstrated that the Mirage’s Decoy was able to block the effects of a nearby Arc Star from hitting the actual Legend.

According to the post, the player has tested this out with bullets, melees, and other kinds of explosives, and has achieved the same result each time. 

Respawn developer responds

With the post gaining a lot of traction on Reddit, it inevitably caught the eyes of Respawn, and developer ‘glutinousriceball’ posted a comment underneath.

“Thanks for letting us know! I’ve made a report,” they said. “It’s just a report for now. It’ll get prioritized against everything else.


Judging from that response, it would seem that this effect of the Mirage’s Decoys was not intended to exist in the game. This means that it will likely get patched up eventually, although as the comment seems to suggest, it could be a while before that happens. 

Other Legends’ abilities have similar effect

Mirage is not the only Legend to have an ability that can block damage from coming through and hurting the player, aside from the obvious ones such as the Gibraltar’s Gun Shield and Dome of Protection.

For example, both the Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap and Lifeline’s D.O.C Heal Drone have the ability to deflect certain kinds of damages, even if that’s not a part of their actual function. 


That considered, maybe the Mirage’s Decoys should be kept as is and not patched, as it keeps him even with the other Legends in that aspect. 

However, it would appear, at least for now, that Respawn will eventually patch the Decoys, so you should use them as shields while you still can.