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Apex Legends dev confirms “long-standing request” is coming in Season 9 for badges

Published: 7/Mar/2021 11:12

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends developer has confirmed that a long-awaited change to the badge system is coming in Season 9, but they haven’t revealed what exactly it’ll be. 

Just like any other multiplayer title, Apex Legends has gone through its fair share of updates since it first released over two years ago.

Many of these changes have been major ones – new character, new maps, new weapons, ability changes, and weapon tweaks – but players are also after small changes. Changes that make life a little bit easier in-game.

A few requests for quality of life changes – like being able to clear all new notifications, damage counter, and changing the colorblind mode to help more people – have been implemented, but players always want more.


Fuse pirate skin
Respawn Entertainment
New legends like Fuse have been added, but players want smaller changes too.

Well, once Apex Legends Season 9 rolls around, they’ll be getting more of these smaller changes – with one dev confirming that badges will be getting a bit of love.

After the Chaos Theory event trailer went live, some players raved about the fact that badge progress would be coming as a new quality of life addition – prompting the devs to tease their bigger change.

“This feature is not the only love that I gave the badge system,” said Respawn dev RobotHavGunz, teasing the new change. “It’s a long-standing request. But it’s not coming until Season 9.”

Conversation on Reddit
Screenshot via Reddit
The dev teased a change for badges, but didn’t drop too much insight.

Some players quickly speculated on what the tease could be referring to. “Seeing what squad members’ badges are for on mouseover, perhaps?” asked one fan. “More badges displayed on a banner?” another suggested.

Currently, only 3 badges can be displayed on your banner, which players find a bit limiting. However, in the past, Respawn have said that adding more badges could be tricky, as it might interfere with some of the banner frames/animations.

Another idea players have had is to sort badges by category – so ‘account’ badges for things like your level, ‘season’ badges for season-specific ones, combat for damage and kill badges, and so on.

The dev didn’t drop any further insight into what the change will be, leaving the speculation hanging. It’s going to be a case of wait and see, given that Season 9 is still pretty far away.

The new season isn’t slated to start until the beginning of May, seeing as the Season 8 battle pass ends on May 3.