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Another Rampart turret exploit with Caustic traps found in Apex Legends

Published: 5/Sep/2020 11:11

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have uncovered an interesting tactic where Rampart’s minigun can team up Caustic’s gas traps to make a pretty powerful pairing in tight spaces. 

With the start of Apex Legends Season 6, Rampart was finally introduced to the battle royale’s roster of Legends – bringing some unique abilities with her. 

While she can throw up Amped Cover to protect herself and team, as well as starting with increased magazine sizes, Rampart’s biggest weapon – literally – comes in the form of her Emplaced Minigun, Sheila. 

The powerful weapon can be placed down pretty much anywhere on the map – though, enemies do get a heads up on its location. Yet, if you pair her with Caustic, the minigun is good for two uses. 


Rampart in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The new Apex Legends season has given fans the chance to finally play as Rampart.

As Reddit user MojangMemer pointed out, players can actually toss a Caustic trap on top of Sheila and it will stick there – it won’t fall off and end up standing to the side of the minigun.

Though, as soon as you start using the minigun, the trap will activate – covering you in a cloud of Nox Gas. This means while you’re spraying down the sights with Rampart’s ultimate, anyone who tries to get close will suffer damage from the gas. 

Obviously, this could be pretty deadly, but the gas can also obscure the vision of the player using the minigun too. Plus, if an enemy has a deadly accurate shot, they can easily dispose of the gas trap by shooting the base of it. 


So get this, you put a trap, on a turret from apexlegends

In the September 3 update, Respawn did patch an exploit where Rampart was able to shoot her minigun through Gibraltar’s dome, which made for an incredibly powerful pairing. 

It remains to be seen as to whether or not the devs will also have to address the way her minigun interacts with the Nox Gas, or if it’ll be left alone given that it shouldn’t really be as powerful as the Gibby dome combo.